Word gets around when Shahbaz is in town!

This Tuesday I was at Brechin Photographic Society for the third time for an informal evening discussing and commenting on long exposure images.

I also took the opportunity to discuss my technique and go through a few examples of my post-processing on long exposure images as well as showcase some images I shot on the Isle of Skye using a PhaseOne IQ180 medium format camera.

I have always enjoyed my visit to Brechin and this time was no exception. The welcome I get is always heartwarming and this email that I received the following day from the club secretary titled 'Word gets around when Shahbaz is in town' was one I thought to share on the blog.

If you are interested in having me visit your club to give a talk on my work or post-processing techniques then feel free to contact me to check my availability.

Hi Shahbaz

Thanks again for coming to Brechin last night, that was our largest attendance so far this season and as usual, your tutorial was very informative and your comments on the images put before you were a welcome change from the dour, and sometimes destructive, comments made by some of our competition judges!

There were several new and potential members present who were mightily impressed and, may I say, inspired by your own photos that were just brilliant.

Looking forward to the next time,


Gordon Milne



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