NHS Tayside Oncology Ninewells (Ward 32) Refurbishment

Back in December, I was contacted by Neil Cowan of IT'Z Print & Design, who was working on a project with the Teenage Cancer Trust, to refurbish the Oncology Ward (Ward 32) at Ninewells Hospital. They were looking for imagery that would fill the corridors with these images and also individual bays/rooms in order to have imagery to positively impact the health of patients, visitors and staff.

Having spent time in hospitals in general with my own family, I know only too well how hospitals can make people feel, regardless of the amazing care the staff provide - the obvious clinical nature of such places can make patients feel very fearful of visiting hospitals, especially children. If pictures can positively impact your health and even speed up recovery times then that can only be a good thing. If nothing else, it allows an escape for those staring at the blank walls or a topic of conversation to take your mind of other things during your time there.

The refurbishment has recently been completed and I had the opportunity earlier this week to visit in person to see the changes for myself, with thanks to Alison Inglis, the Senior Charge Nurse at Ninewells, very kindly showing me around well after her shift was over and to Dawn Crosby, Regional Services Manager for the Teenage Cancer Trust, Scotland.

I had the opportunity to meet some of the staff and patients and chat to them about the images and it was so heartwarming hearing their reactions and comments and how it made them feel, especially given the circumstances of their time there. I wish I could have spent more time with them chatting about their memories and their own experiences of the locations but I hope to arrange something in future.

There has also been posts on social media already about the changes from the likes of Fi Munro, a prominent blogger sharing her positivity with others facing adversity, and another photographer whose images were used in the refurbishment (Steve Barnes):




The refurbishment of this ward is something I will always be extremely proud of.I am not being dishonest in the least when I say this, but although my work has appeared around the world and appeared on currency and won many awards, I am most proud of this ward and the images on display here.

As I have always said, what can be more powerful or fulfilling than your work having such an impact in other people's lives? It certainly puts a lot of things into perspective.

I hope everyone continues to enjoy looking at the imagery for a very long time to come and at least for a moment, get completely lost in them.

Thank you to everyone again for giving me the opportunity to be involved in such an amazing project - I will forever be grateful.


Another Note!


Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year Finalist 2017