BBC Landward TV Appearance

For those that follow the BBC Landward show on TV, I am featuring on episode 2 of the of the 2021 series this Thursday at 8.30pm on BBC Scotland and again on Friday on BBC One Scotland at 7.35pm talking to Anne Lundon about my photography and my life in the superb location of Glen Coe. Some of you noticed the teaser at the end of last week's episode!

At the start of the year, I was contacted by the BBC who asked if I would feature on a production they wanted to have me on after seeing my work.

After making arrangements, I met up with the crew and spent the day being filmed/directed for the show in Glen Coe. Armed with my key worker letter from the studio, I was able to travel up to Glen Coe and really enjoyed seeing how filming on a national production happens so it was lovely getting out, albeit for a day.

The show itself will likely have embarrassing childhood photos as well as me wearing my hat back to front (couldn't show North Face logo!), my winter jacket fully zipped up in balmy weather (for the sake of continuity), lots of walking back and forth at the mercy of the film crew, pretending to take photos for the closeups, and answering the same questions over and over again and no doubt giving different answers each time! I will no doubt look like Lockdown has taken it's toll on me and am way to excited about meeting real people (from a distance) and getting out of the house. I may only be on for 30 seconds or 3 minutes but all publicity is good publicity right and I haven't seen the final result yet either but I suspect I will be cringing at my own appearance!

If you have nothing better to do, then feel free to watch and share your amusing comments below; I am certain my girls will have plenty to comment on. You can also catch it on BBC iPlayer too after Thursday night at:

Now that restrictions have been relaxed too, people can get out and visit Glen Coe once again themselves and I am planning my next trip already and Scotland is looking forward to welcoming everyone in due course.

Thank you so much to everyone on the Landward team (especially Angela, Katherine, Laura, David and of course Anne) for not only approaching me to begin with but making it such an amazing day that I will remember for a long long time...


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